Spring Fashion with Mi Ladies 182!

Mi Ladies 182 is an upscale women's boutique located in Florence,SC. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to model in their Spring Trunk Show! ( A trunk show is when fashion designers/vendors bring their line to a boutique for a special in-shop showing. The items used to be carried in a trunk, thus the name). I had a really great time showcasing gorgeous clothing, mingling, and sipping on mimosas. 

We modeled outfits for a variety of occasions. I think these looks are perfect for Spring 2016! Here are some of the pieces I wore during the show.


1. Casual

I was able to hand select the outfits I would model during the show and these culottes were the first thing that caught my eye! I actually mistook them for a skirt, lol! The satiny material and deep teal color paired against the blush pink top was so unique and fun! I wore this during the "casual" scene but I believe this outfit would be better suited for a special event.

Designer: Gracia

Ruffled Blouse $70

Polka-dot Culottes $95


2. Daytime

I love how this dress fits just right up top and flares out on the waistline giving a baby-doll vibe. The colors in this dress are great also! Coral is a color that flatters every skin-tone, and the beautiful floral design in this dress makes it super feminine.

Designer: Gracia

Coral Floral Dress $110


3. Church

This dress was my absolute favorite! The removable fabric allows you to easily create different looks with only one dress. And the apple green color of this dress is to die for 😩 !! It's a perfect choice for spring!

Designer: Elana

Dress $450


4. After 5

Yaaaaas, come through Elana! This "After 5" dress was super sexy yet still remained classy. I wish I had a close-up of this dress' sleeves; they were adorned with black sequins and were absolutely beautiful! The elaborately designed sleeves and flirtatious peephole makes this the perfect "little black dress" for an evening out.

Designer: Elana

Dress $390


5. Evening Attire

This dress was a cream color with gold specks sewn into the fabric, and, naturally, I gravitate towards things that sparkle. Like the dress in the previous post, this one also had elegantly made sleeves that caught my eye.

The cute headpiece was actually not planned. I stumbled across the little sadiddy hat in the fitting room and decided to rock that as well!

Designer: Elana

Price: $430


Y'all...I really loved every single outfit that I wore during the show! They were great pieces that would make a statement in any setting. But honestly, most of these items are a tad bit out of my budget...for now!  It's all good, though. Just being able to model luxury items and be in the company of amazing women gave me motivation to strive even harder towards reaching all of my goals!!


Mi Ladies 182 is located on 182 West Evans Street in Florence, SC. You can view more photos from the event at http://www.scnow.com/gallery/collection_4ce39b54-ee19-11e5-ae24-d727a420ec16.html .